Cash demand in Africa continues to grow presenting opportunities for the provision of specialised services and solutions to central and commercial banks. We understand the social, economic, technological and political forces that have an impact on the cash industry and are able to leverage the unique opportunities presented by each country. As industry leaders, we bring our expertise to Africa and develop a cash management model tailor made for the solutions required in each geographical location. At the same time SBV is able to transfer skills to new markets providing employment and skills development opportunities. We have embarked on a journey of expanding our service offerings and solutions internationally with Namibia, Lesotho and Mauritius bearing testament to the benefits that they have derived from our expertise.

Services and solutions for Africa include:

  • National outsourcing of cash management.
  • Consulting and developing in-country models for Central Banks.
  • Specie Planning.
  • ATM Management Services.
  • Retail cash processing and logistics solutions.
  • Cash Centre Design and Development.
  • Risk and Security Audits.
  • Cash Management solutions and services for visibility of cash, cash optimisation and demand management.
  • Planning and forecasting solutions and services.
  • Providing cash related supply chain solutions.
  • Managing all aspects of physical cash.
  • Managing cost of cash.
  • Managing the physical risk of cash.

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