Governance and Compliance

We uphold the highest standards of integrity, risk management, quality service and sound business practices. We take our responsibility towards our people, our communities and all our stakeholders seriously and pride ourselves in sound, responsible business practices. Our partnerships are nurtured and strengthened through a culture that is founded on our core values; integrity, service excellence, industry leadership, valuing people and respecting diversity.  

As a partner and a significant role player in the cash industry with a talent pool of over 6 400 employees, we are committed to the continued growth and development of our business, creating value for all our stakeholders. As a responsible, equitable and compliant business we observe the standards of the King III Code of Governance.

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Community Development

We support initiatives that are responsive to the long term needs of our community with emphasis on education, safety and security. This is underpinned by a collective culture of community spirit and volunteerism. Together with the citizens of South Africa, we celebrate and support special national events such as Nelson Mandela Day, Workers’ Day, the 16 Days of Activism Campaign and National Women’s Day; all these celebrations hold a special place in the hearts of our people.

Having a positive impact on the lives of disabled persons

Through a partnership with E-Deaf, Deaf persons participate in a training programme at SBV’s cash centres that equips them with the skills and competencies required to work in the SBV processing environment. This specialized programme is holistic, consisting of systems and process training, reading, writing, computer and life-skills training. Currently 21 Deaf people are employed in operations at our centres and our Support Office.

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Fleet Management and Fuel Consumption

SBV owns a large fleet of more than 800 vehicles. These are used to travel extensively, and consume a substantial amount of fuel. We are committed to monitoring and measuring our company’s fuel consumption so as to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Fleet Management Team assesses various technological systems to enhance vehicle efficiency and fuel consumption, which ultimately result in fuel reduction. Each new generation vehicle is installed with a state-of-the-art dashboard to monitor driver behaviour and road efficiency skills. SBV offers enhanced and effective training to drivers to ensure our predefined standards are adhered to at all times.

New Generation Vehicles

As part of a plan to reduce fuel emissions and to ensure the safety of SBV's staff as well as our clients' assets, SBV’s armoured fleet is currently being replaced and over 285 vehicles have been rolled out to date. SBV’s new generation armoured fleet vehicles have demonstrated significant improvements in fuel consumption.

SBV rebrands its new fleet

As part of our fleet replacement process SBV is re-branding its' fleet with images of the Big Five. This is a conscious alignment with our core business of managing cash and represents our continued commitment to the cash services sector in South Africa.

As our business undergoes significant change, our new branding campaign is representative of change, diversity and the customisation of our suite of product and service offerings to meet the needs of our partners. With our roots based in South Africa, SBV continues to expand across Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Big Five motif speaks to diversity and the significant partnerships that can be formed by people, communities, wildlife and businesses.


Whistle Blowing

Whistle Blowing promotes a culture of integrity and mitigating risks. We obtain valuable information through our Early Warning Robbery and KPMG hotlines. This information provides our Risk and Governance department, and our internal/external investigators with intelligence that can prevent a crime, armed robberies, or fraudulent activity. Our whistle blowing programme is a confidential platform used by employees and members of the public to report any criminal and fraudulent activity.

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