Loss of SAPS officer in Hillbrow cash-in-transit attack

Houghton 22 June 2018 – Mark Barrett Group CEO of SBV Services extends his condolences to the family members and colleagues of the SAPS officer who lost his life in yet another violent cash-in-transit attack in Hillbrow, Johannesburg yesterday. “We are deeply saddened that a member of law enforcement has lost his life on duty as a result of cash-in-transit-crime. We value the work that South Africa’s police officers do on a daily basis to protect our country in the fight against crime.”

SBV Services continues to join forces with the SAPS, Fidelity, G4S and other stakeholders in the cash industry in order to mitigate the risks facing the sector and we will persist with our efforts to ensure that the current escalation in cash-in-transit attacks is brought under control.


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