Our Communities

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Community Development

We support initiatives that are responsive to the long term needs of our community with emphasis on education, safety and security. This is underpinned by a collective culture of community spirit and volunteerism. Together with the citizens of South Africa, we celebrate and support special national events such as Nelson Mandela Day, Workers’ Day, the 16 Days of Activism Campaign and National Women’s Day; all these celebrations hold a special place in the hearts of our people.

Having a positive impact on the lives of disabled persons

Through a partnership with E-Deaf, Deaf persons participate in a training programme at SBV’s cash centres that equips them with the skills and competencies required to work in the SBV processing environment. This specialized programme is holistic, consisting of systems and process training, reading, writing, computer and life-skills training. Currently 25 Deaf people are employed in operations at our centres.



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