What we offer

From loose coins in the car for tips, to major monthly withdrawals, to ATM withdrawals and large cash purchases, physical money in notes and coins still plays a significant role in our world, and the availability of cash needs to be carefully managed. SBV plays a role in almost every component of the cash value supply chain. From when a note or coin leaves the South African Reserve Bank we take on the responsibility of moving it securely so that it can be distributed into the economy for commercial use. As a transaction is concluded cash and coins are either banked by individuals and businesses or collected by a company such as SBV that specialises in the provision of Cash in Transit services.

However, there is a lot more involved; as cash is collected SBV takes on the risks, from when we pick up our clients’ cash it is moved in state-of-the art vehicles to a secure cash centre where it is validated, sorted and either stored or used for re-distribution. Unfit and fraudulent notes are accounted for and sent back to the South African Reserve Bank.  There are many complexities and dynamics that come into play where the cash cycle is involved. This journey involves a lot more than the logistical processes of cash in transit; it involves cash processing, sophisticated systems, risk mitigation and most importantly our employees and their safety, the safety of our clients’ premises and the safety of the public. At SBV we value our client's time, we take their risks seriously and we undertake to provide a professional and efficient service.

Solutions for the Commercial Banking Environment

SBV provides secure and efficient cash services and solutions to all the major banks and is an approved CIT carrier for the South African Reserve Bank. In addition, we are the custodian of the South African Reserve Bank’s off-site vaults. Guarding is also provided for bank branches, together with tactical armed reaction and offsite monitoring.

End to end solutions for ATM Management

Tailor made specialised solutions in ATM management allow you to outsource most of the business processes involved in ATM Operations. Various service models are available to improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs. To add to our service offering, a team of experts in ATM management provides consultation and training services.

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