About SBV

At SBV, we are concerned with more than just money. Our business is about protecting and enhancing human lives, keeping cash in the economy flowing, and serving our customers’ needs as well as making a meaningful contribution to the communities that we operate in. We have built an exceptional track record of fulfilling these objectives since 1986 and we're committed to the sustainable growth of our business. As a key enabler for cash availability and cash infrastructure within the economy, SBV protects the reputational interests of countries that we operate in and provides value added cash services and solutions that enable the day to day operations of the banks and the commercial business environment. We have a footprint of 32 centres in South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho; a fleet of more than 700 armoured vehicles and a workforce of over 6 500 people.

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Accolades and Achievements include:

  • Experience the lowest number of industry attacks despite moving the majority of all cash in South Africa.
  • Third generation vehicles rated as amongst the best in the World by Armscor and the CSIR.
  • The first company in South Africa to pilot and successfully implement the Shopping Mall Cash Recycling System (in partnership with Liberty Life Properties, Business Against Crime and Standard Bank).
  • Consistently maintaining a 98-99% service level rating.
  • Played a pivotal role in piloting various industry initiatives including Cash Forecasting and ATM Optimisation.
  • Strategic role player in steering committees addressing changes and risks presented to the cash industry (we played an instrumental role in the World Cup Steerco).
  • The only company in South Africa to be awarded custodianship of the South African Reserve Bank's Notes Held to Order Vault.

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