Putting our people first.

We are committed to the highest standards in training, technology and operating procedures to keep our staff members safe while on duty.

SBV has been working closely with the South African Police Service, the Hawks, SABRIC, G4S, Fidelity, SABRIC, and other stakeholders to ensure the collective coordination and tactical action plans for the benefit and sustainability of all stakeholders within the industry.

“Overall, from an industry perspective, I am proud that SBV has made a significant contribution to raising the standards for cash- in-transit operations and for the mitigation of the crime impacting all role players.”

Mark Barrett, CEO, SBV Services.

As a business, we maintain that our key differentiator, our people, are at the heart of our strategy.

We understand that a talent pool that is engaged will embrace change, innovate, grow and look forward to the future. We aim to enable continuous engagement and to understand our employees’ needs in a complex and diverse environment. We have implemented a broad spectrum of initiatives that focus on culture and engagement that align to the strategy for the sustainability of our business. 

At SBV, transformation is key to managing our human and intellectual resources. We embrace the spirit of the Employment Equity (EE) Act as well as the Codes of Good Practice for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). We recognise that a diverse workforce strengthens our ability to meet the changing demands of the environment within which we work as well as to serve emerging markets.

Transformation is a long term strategic initiative that is incorporated into SBV’s resourcing, talent and succession management plans. We have a five-year plan to meet our transformation targets as set out in the B-BBEE scorecard. Although these are ambitious targets, the plan is a responsible one, taking all our employees, our business imperatives, as well as the culture that we are building, into account. Progress has been made against our EE plans as submitted to the Department of Labour over the past five years. Focus is needed in achieving the transformation targets of the B-BBEE codes, which are more stringent.

As part of the SBV Corporate Social Investment approach to creating sustainable social value for society and its citizens in the long term, our resources are purposefully utilised for initiatives in support of education, skills development and enterprise development.

We have founded SBV Consulting Services with three companies under its wing: The Education Trust, the Learning Academy and the Security Academy. The Education Trust was founded to offer bursaries and skills development. By investing in education, and especially in areas where there is a lack of specific skills such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics, we are equipping our future leaders to lead skilfully and are creating opportunities for members of our communities and our employees’ children. Funds obtained from donations will deposited into the Education Trust. 

The SBV Security Academy CIT-training programme is facilitated by highly experienced instructors who have completed advanced technical training and understand the CIT industry well. Most of them have been CIT officers themselves, while some of them have a military background.  

The programme includes theory and practical firearm training and dry-run exercises, basic first aid and firefighting, as well as training on CIT vehicles and standard operating procedures.The modules covered in the in-depth training programme give protection officers a reputational advantage and future career prospects. 

Cash processing also plays a critical role in our business and requires specialised skills. The SBV Learning Academy offers courses in cash processing, bulk teller training and South African Reserve Bank note quality training. Courses differ from a few hours to five days in length, all designed to equip cash-processing professionals with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to carry out their duties efficiently and effectively. 

SBV supports the Learning and Security Academies by outsourcing its training requirements to the academies.

We uphold the highest standards of integrity, risk management, quality service and sound business practice. We take our responsibility towards our people, our communities and our stakeholders seriously.

As a partner and a significant role player in the cash industry, we are committed to the continued growth and development of our business, creating value for all our stakeholders. We observe the standards of the King III Code of Governance.

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