We keep money moving

With over 30 years experience, SBV has an unparalleled track record for service excellence.

We are the only company in South Africa that partners with the South African Reserve Bank to collect all new banknotes and coins for distribution. We work closely with our four shareholding banks and customers – Absa Group Limited, First National Bank, the Standard Bank of South Africa Limited and Nedbank Limited.

We use the latest technology to count and process cash in one of our 33 centres nationwide. We use over 700 armoured vehicles to ensure that cash gets where it needs to be, on time, and with the least possible risk. We work to make the industry safer. We work together as an organisation. We are there for every step of the cash lifecycle.

Our company values

Customer Focus

The future of SBV lies in the hands of our customers. Excellence, IS the ONLY standard! Our customers deserve the best! Taking ownership of the role we all play in keeping our customers happy and informed as well as in keeping and attracting new business to SBV.


Doing the right thing every time!
Being honest, fair and ethical in everything we do and say. Always striving to earn and retain the trust placed on us by our company, customers and communities.

Leading SBV

Always be the leader of your own life!
Take ownership of your actions, showcase your expertise and stand out. There is value in everything that we do! Our contributions lead to the success of SBV.


Respect is the cornerstone of how we treat everyone we engage with. Building relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. Respect is reflected in the value we place on People.


Our combined efforts that contribute to the greater good of SBV.
The important role that we all play in making SBV great! Working together to achieve success.

To lead, inspire and channel the passion of our people to keep money safe and ensure that it never stops moving for our customers, our communities and the broader economies we serve.

As your trusted Bank-owned cash partner, we help key stakeholders to manage systemic risk in the financial system through effective, innovative management practices. The difference we make to our stakeholders lies in the hands of our people. People we value, enable and protect. They drive us to:

  • Embrace a culture of operational excellence in storing, processing and moving cash;
  • Work with our customers to build cost-efficient, high-quality and innovative solutions that create value and respond to evolving business needs; and
  • Better the lives of the communities we serve through employee involvement, environmental respect and the advancement of new and renewable technologies

As part of the SBV family, you don’t just make the difference – you feel it.

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