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SBV offers a solution for every step of the cash supply chain.

The South African Reserve Bank has forecast an increase in demand for cash by 6-10% in the next ten years. With cash being used for 90% of all transactions in South Africa, your cash collection and processing partner needs to be accurate, efficient and secure. Managing the availability of cash plays a very serious role in how the economy operates.

At SBV we play a role in every component of the cash value supply chain – from collecting new notes from the South African Reserve Bank to stocking ATMs to collecting money securely from businesses to ensuring damaged notes are returned to the South African Reserve Bank to be safely destroyed. Every cent in South Africa passes through our hands first.

To do this, we invest. We invest in the best vehicles and with the best training for our guards. We invest in technology in our secure cash centres so that cash and coins can be counted accurately and efficiently. We invest in our people to ensure an engaged and proactive team. It is our priority to ensure that our employees, clients and the public’s safety is protected and that risk is mitigated.

SBV provides secure and efficient cash services and solutions to all the major banks and is an approved CIT carrier for the South African Reserve Bank. In addition, we are the custodian of the South African Reserve Bank’s off-site vaults.

We are able to provide exceptional service to central banks. In South Africa, we distribute bulk cash for the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), ensure the quality of cash in circulation and the implementation of legislative requirements by the SARB. We also work with the Central Bank of Lesotho and the Bank of Namibia. 

We achieve efficiencies in the recycling of cash through cash-forecasting platforms, MIS and methodologies. Through investment in technology, we are able to facilitate cash and note fitness sorting in our centres. This helps the SARB with sustained longevity, quality of cash in circulation and the reusability of notes.

We are the only provider in South Africa awarded custodianship of the SARB’s Notes Held To Order vault. We serve as an intermediary for the SARB that facilitates the storage, packing and distribution of bulk-cash orders from the banks.

Tailor made specialised solutions in ATM management allow you to outsource most of the business processes involved in ATM Operations. Various service models are available to improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs. To add to our service offering, a team of experts in ATM management provides consultation and training services.

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