December 9, 2021

Statement regarding the standard operating procedures for the identification of SBV CIT Teams Servicing Retail sites

Houghton 09 December 2021 – SBV Services notes with concern reports of a new criminal syndicate in operation. Yesterday (08 December) there was an unsuccessful bogus pick up at a retail outlet in Pretoria West. The criminals used a cloned SBV license plate and were wearing outfits similar to the SBV uniforms. The vehicle in this incident was unmarked and does not belong to SBV.

We commend our customer for being vigilant and for following the SBV Standard Operating Procedures that successfully prevented a cash loss.

SBV has stringent Standard Operating Procedures in place to prevent this type of attack from being successful. If we collect your cash, we appeal to all business owners to ensure that you and your employees are aware of SBV’s unique procedures and that if you have any concerns at all to please contact SBV’s Risk Management Centre on 086 198 8822 or 011 298 3939.

“While this type of incident is unusual, it is a reminder that this is a high crime season and criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and brazen. We do not tolerate crime and our Investigations Unit works closely with the SAPS and other stakeholders to protect our people and assets,” says Mark Barrett, Group CEO, SBV Services.

If you are a member of the public with any information on this incident, please contact SBV’s Early Warning Robbery Hotline. This line is active 24/7 and members of the public may contact 083 408 7029 to provide information to SBV’s investigations team. All callers can be assured that confidentiality is maintained.


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