October 1, 2020

Attempted Robbery and Murder: SBV ATM crew attacked on 1 August 2017

Well done to the South African Police Service and our Risk and Compliance team who have again displayed their commitment to the safety of our employees, customers and communities by ensuring that justice prevails.

On the morning of 01 August 2017, a SBV ATM team was attacked by unknown armed suspects. The SBV crew members acted swiftly and returned fire. Three suspects were fatally wounded during the attack and an additional two suspects were arrested within the vicinity of the crime scene.

After a lengthy investigation and court proceedings, one of the two suspects was convicted and sentenced in September 2020.  The following sentences were handed down:

Charges Sentences
Charge 1: Murder Life imprisonment
Charge 2: Murder Life imprisonment
Charge 3 & 4: Attempted murder 30 years imprisonment
Charge 5: Attempted Robbery 12 years imprisonment
Charge 6 & 7: Illegal possession of two unlicensed firearms 30 years imprisonment
Charge 8: Illegal possession of prohibited firearm 18 years imprisonment
Charge 9: Illegal possession of ammunition 5 years imprisonment

This result would not have been achieved without recognising the bravery and dedication shown by the SBV crew members who successfully defended the attack against them.

The success of the case serves as a stern warning to anyone with unlawful and dishonest intentions. Irrespective of the time frame, our highly skilled and experienced team will stop at nothing to apprehend and bring to book the criminals that threaten our people.

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