October 1, 2018

Cash-in-Transit crimes have caused concern for South African citizens as well as the cash services and business sectors, but a comprehensive response from the South African Police Service and private security firms means an improved ability to detect and prevent these crimes.

“We have long viewed public and private sector collaboration as critical to proactively addressing Cash-in-Transit crimes,” says SBV Services Group CEO, Mark Barrett. “By working together with the SAPS, we have strengthened our resistance to these criminals. We commend the SAPS for their efforts in fighting Cash-in-Transit crime and for the ongoing support we receive.

“We value our partnership with the SAPS, but the most important beneficiaries of this partnership approach are the people of South Africa. The efforts to bring Cash-in-Transit crime under control once again will create safer communities without the threat of the random violence expected from these incidents.”

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