September 16, 2020

Houghton Estate 16 September 2020 – SBV Services is proactively working with FEDUSA and MTWU to resolve employee concerns regarding discrepancies in COVID-19 TERS payments made to employees.

Mark Barrett, Group CEO of SBV Services says, “We welcome the interventions by FEDUSA and are working with the UIF to rectify the incorrect payments as soon as possible. We understand the challenges that our employees are facing during this pandemic and are making every effort to resolve the discrepancies. There are however dependencies on the UIF, and we are therefore pleased that FEDUSA has stepped in to assist in fast-tracking the process.”

This follows an announcement made by the Minister of Labour that the data captured on the UIF portals was inaccurate and of the subsequent directive to investigate and rectify the matter. Discrepancies in payments are being experienced by many people across all industries.

Mark Barrett further adds, “as a key role player in the delivery of essential cash services for the citizens of South Africa and a responsible corporate citizen that prioritises the wellbeing of its’ employees, we are taking this matter in a serious light and are doing everything possible to resolve the discrepancies. The collaborative efforts between FEDUSA, the Unions, and SBV are key to the resolution process and we continue to manage expectations and to engage with SBV’s employees to keep them informed.”


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